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If it be now, 'Tis not to come; If it be not to come, It will be now;

If it be not now, Yet it will come: The readiness is all.

19 May
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I'm in the US. I'm a semi-snarky college senior who likes making people happy. I work at a local ice cream store and I'm going to work at Disney World soon. I like reading old YA books, as well as Philippa Gregory and Meg Cabot. I've been singing since I was 4, but I can't read sheet music. I'm one of the cheerfullest people you've ever met, it doesn't take much to make me happy or excited. I also like to make other people happy, with giving compliments and hugs and baking stuff. I'm obsessed with England and old Gene Kelly movies. I can salsa, waltz, tango, and do a mean shuffle-ball-change.

"O, most unhappy day!"
"O, most unhappy STRUMPET!"
-The Comedy of Errors